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Small Puppy in Arms

Tips for Adopting the Perfect Pet

Small Puppy in ArmsThinking of bringing an animal companion into your life? Following are three considerations designed to help residents of pet-friendly apartments in Los Angeles make the best possible pet adoption decisions.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When choosing an animal friend to share your life with, it’s important to ensure that you will be able to meet the pet’s needs. If you’re constantly busy with work, school, or other obligations outside the home, you may be better off with a tank of fish rather than a dog or a cat. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time at home and are reasonably active, you might be the perfect candidate for introducing a new puppy or kitten into your life. You should also consider adopting an adult animal if you’d rather not go through the house training and socialization that younger animals need. Don’t overlook the benefits of adopting a senior animal, either — they are generally low maintenance and make very good companions.

Consider Your Budget

The costs involved in sharing your life with a furry friend can add up, so be sure you’ve got enough room in your budget to provide your new friend with the best possible quality of life. Investing in pet health insurance helps keep vet bills down.

Consider Your Temperament

If you’re the type who doesn’t care for boisterous interaction with your human friends, you likely won’t appreciate it in your animal pals, either. A bouncy puppy with an abundant need for social contact won’t be an ideal companion for you. Furthermore, the puppy won’t receive the socialization that it needs in order to grow into a happy and healthy adult dog. Kittens require quite a bit of attention as well. The best pet for you will probably be an adult cat who is used to living an independent life. On the other hand, a friendly puppy or kitten may be the perfect companion for you if you want a great deal of social interaction from your pet and have the time to spend with it. Birds are also highly social beings.

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Washing Fork in Sink

3 Cleaning Tasks to Do Daily

Washing Fork in SinkA lot of people would rather not clean their home every day, but did you know that if you consistently do little tasks each day, your job will be a little easier when it comes time to deep clean? There are easy things you can do on a daily basis that can make a big difference. These tasks can make a world of difference.

3 Cleaning Tasks to Do Daily

  1. Clean the dishes. Unless you are someone who uses disposable dishes, then you likely have a dirty pile in your sink every day. You should take five minutes of your day to clean these and place them in the dishwasher. You should also wipe down the sink when you are done. This not only helps with the smell but dirty dishes can also attract bugs and no one wants that.
  2. Manage clutter. As you move through rooms, you should clean up any clutter. If you do this as you go instead of letting it pile up, your home will be tidier. However, if you let it go, it will only get worse and worse with each passing day. It doesn’t take much time to do this and you will be so thankful you did when you come home to a clean and clutter-free space every day.
  3. Sort your mail. All too often people bring the mail in and leave it on the counter to pile up. If you take just a few moments every day to go through your mail and file it away or throw away any junk, you will get to keep your counter space or table space for other uses. If you don’t do this, then you will likely find yourself with a huge pile of mail that will take a lot longer to go through and you may have missed some important documents during the process of not sorting your mail.

Doing these three easy things on a daily basis can make your life easier and will make your home look and smell better every day. If you are looking for a new place to call home, be sure to stop by our office today to look at our apartments in Los Angeles.

One Taco

Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in LA

One TacoThe Flat offers apartments in downtown Los Angeles that provide easy access to a number of entertainment opportunities. Following are some great spots you may want to consider visiting for the festive holiday.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Descanso Gardens

This Cinco de Mayo event is ideal if you want a relaxing, family-friendly activity for this special day. The entry fee is $50.00 per person and the event venue is home to a beautiful botanical garden that will be offering an authentic Mexican buffet and mariachi music.

Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl

This event is great for any adult who wants to enjoy life on Cinco de Mayo. The downtown Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo bar crawl starts at EL DORADO in downtown LA, where you’ll enjoy exclusive drink specials and party favors. Then, hosts will guide you to other venues for more tasty drink specials before ending at The Reserve nightclub.

The Mixing Room at JW Marriott Los Angeles

The Mixing Room at JW Marriott is offering a made to order Burrito Station and Taco Station, as well as live music by a mariachi band. There is also a great selection of drink specials to choose from!

Cinco de Mayo at The Source

Cinco de Mayo at The Source is just a short trip away from our community. The event is being held on May 6 and features a live DJ, a talent showcase for children and adults, games, music and other fun activities.

5K Long Beach Run

Take a short drive and get in shape this weekend by taking part in the Cinco de Mayo Tacos ‘N Beer Long Beach 5K Run. It not only includes a 5K run but also tacos, beer, live mariachi music, a costume contest and more!

Alternatively, you could opt to stay home for Cinco de Mayo and enjoy some of our top-notch community amenities. The Flat offers an activity room, pool, sundeck and a game room with billiards for those who want to kick back and relax on their own or with friends. Get in touch with us to find out more about our four studio floor plans and convenient move-in assistance that will help you get set up in your new home quickly and efficiently so you can focus on enjoying life with those you love. Contact our office to learn more about our community!

Packing for a Trip

Tips for Optimizing the Space in Your Suitcase

Packing for a TripNo matter how long your trip is going to be, you want to make sure that you can fit everything you need into your suitcase. Sometimes, if you are bringing a lot of items, you need to get creative to make sure everything fits well within your suitcase. The next time you are packing for a trip, be sure to use these tips to optimize your space.

Tips for Optimizing the Space in Your Suitcase

  • Roll your clothes. Instead of folding your clothes, you should try rolling them before putting them into your suitcase. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by how much more space that gives you within your suitcase. Just make sure you tightly roll your clothes or it will not benefit you.
  • Wear your bulky items. If you need to bring bulky items with you, you should consider wearing them instead of packing them. This will leave you with a lot of extra space in your suitcase, while also making sure you have all of the items that you need for your trip. Bulky items would include a jacket, jeans, or hats. The key is to save space, not exactly look very stylish.
  • Bring travel size toiletries. If you are going to be packing your toiletries, then you should consider only packing travel sized items so you can get more space in your bag. This will save a lot of space and you will have all of the items that you will need for your trip.
  • Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes. When you are packing your suitcase and are planning your outfits, try to limit yourself to packing two pairs of shoes and wearing a third pair for the trip. The shoes that you do pack in your suitcase, you should use to your advantage and slip some socks inside the shoes so you are not wasting your space.

Going on a trip is great but sometimes coming home is even better. If you are looking for a place that you can call home, be sure to check out our apartments in Los Angeles. Stop by our office today to see what we have available and take a tour.

Cookies and Jar

Five Los Angeles Sweet Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

Cookies and JarDessert lovers won’t have to worry about finding their sweet fix in the City of Angels. Following are just five of the many options that those living in apartments in Los Angeles have to make their sweet tooth sing.

The Pie Hole

Even sophisticated Los Angeles residents sometimes crave the homey, old-fashioned goodness of a classic piece of pie. You’ll find everything here from quintessential apple pie to sweet maple custard pie drizzled with cinnamon syrup. The menu changes all the time for those who like sweet surprises, but die-hard fans of old favorites will find their sweet spots supported here. With six spots in the city, you’ll never be far from your next great piece of pie.

Milk Jar Cookies 

Cookie enthusiasts consider Milk Jar Cookies to be their second home. You’ll find cookies you thought only existed in your imagination here, as well as locally produced small-batch ice cream. The ambiance is as homey and comfortable as its name, making it an excellent place to relax with a good book or simply soak up the nurturing atmosphere.

Sweet Lady Jane Bakery 

The desserts are frothy, rich and decadent here, and everything looks just as good as it tastes. These are special occasion desserts, but if you’ve got nothing special to celebrate, that will change as soon as you savor the first mouthful of one of their scrumptious cakes or tortes. Stop in for a slice or take dessert home to your roommates or family.


If you like your desserts a little on the offbeat side, CottonHi specializes in off-the-beaten-track delectable delights. Old-school cotton candy with an organic twist is the main star of this establishment’s show, but you’ll also find soft serve ice cream in a variety of classic and unusual flavors.

Magnolia Bakery 

Love the idea of enjoying a small town dessert in the middle of a big city? Magnolia Bakery has the cakes, pies and cookies of your dreams. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to when every small town had a sweet shop with a counter in the heart of Main Street.

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Marble Decor and Laptop

5 Subtle Ways to Add Marble to Your Decor

Marble Decor and LaptopMarble brings an element of the classic to any home’s decor. While too much marble can feel heavy and overstated, too little simply gets lost in the dominating material of any room. Use the following suggestions to help balance the look to your marble pieces:

Vases and Candle Holders

Use a few marble candle holders and vases on a mantelpiece, side table or as the centerpiece on a dining table. Choose two or three different colors of marble, such as gray, black, pink and orange, to add depth and dimension. Just stay within the same color family so the items feel like they belong together.

Lampshades and Accent Pieces

Marble lampshades, serving trays, planters and other accent pieces are great ways to add more marble to a room without making structural changes. Use a marble color that compliments your wall color or choose a neutral color such as white or beige. Marble coasters, cocktail plates and napkins are a fun way to make your marble designs pop even more during parties or other special occasions.


Adding art pieces to your walls or table tops with a touch of marble draws in any other marble you have in the space. Marble art pieces on either side of a mantel makes it pop. Marbleized matte borders are a perfect backdrop to any framed artwork, while marble picture frames bring style to family photos or word art.

Marble-Topped Tables

Marble-topped coffee tables, kitchen tables or accent tables, bring something special to any room. The shine of marble is durable and long-lasting, making it easy to use in any room.


Throw pillows and coverlets may not be the first thing you think of when decorating with marble, but having a few well-placed pieces of marbleized fabric in a space provides a nice balance for other marble pieces. Use throw pillows on chairs and couches, and drape coverlets on the backs of furniture to complete the look.

Apartments in LA

Luxury apartments at The Flat in Los Angeles offer the perfect opportunity to bring the elegance of marble into your living space. Our urban studios are just steps away from LA nightlife, shopping and entertainment. For more information about our LA apartments, call us now.

Area Rug

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

Area RugOne of the most unifying components of your decor is the area rug you choose. As an element of your flooring, it works to tie aspects of your room together, whether they are on your couch or your wall. With such a huge impact to your overall decor, it’s essential that you choose the perfect area rug for your Los Angeles apartment. With you in mind, we’ve put together some pointers to help you nail your choice for an area rug.

Choose a Rug That Matches the Style of Your Decor

If you’ve chosen a modern look for your Los Angeles apartment, then you should stick with a modern look for your area rug. Straight lines and contemporary designs are great looks for a modern day area rug. You can also opt for the classic shaggy rug to underscore your modern decor.

Additionally, when you opt for a modern look, you don’t have to stick to a rectangular area rug shape. You can choose to have a circular area rug to maximize the impact of your look.

Consider Your Furniture Arrangement

With so many different ways to layout your furniture, you want to make sure that your area rug will be seen. So, before you purchase an area rug, consider the layout of your furniture, and purchase a rug that will fit your seating area perfectly.

Think About How Many Guests You’ll Have

When it comes to the texture of your area rug, you want something that will withstand the traffic you anticipate at your Raleigh apartment. If you anticipate having a lot of guests, then you should consider an area rug that is durable. Distressed area rugs or area rugs that are tufted are great options when you expect a lot of people will be wiping their shoes on your area rug.

Choose a Pattern that Works with Your Space

When it comes to rug patterns, there are no rules. You can choose the rug pattern that matches your decor, or you can choose a pattern that accents your throw pillows. The choice is completely yours.

If you are considering investing in an area rug, don’t forget to purchase padding as well. Padding will ensure that your area rug remains where it supposed to be.

If you’re looking for a new apartment to style and decorate, give us a call today!


Three Fabulous Cocktails That Taste Just Like Spring

CocktailSpring breezes bring notes of fresh blooming flowers mixed with the sun and the sea, making it only natural for apartment residents in LA to long for cocktails that reflect the nature of the season. Fortunately, any number of creative libations exist that are perfect for whiling away a warm spring evening on the balcony. Following are just three of the very best.

Rose Water Cointreau Fizz

This concoction tastes every bit as luscious as it sounds, and it only takes a moment to whip up. Wow your friends by mixing a shot of Cointreau with two teaspoons of culinary grade rose water and fresh raspberry juice, a splash of soda for fizz, a splash of lime for a tropical accent, and pour into a chilled Champagne glass. Garnish the creations with fresh, edible flowers such as nasturtiums, drop in a berry or two, and enjoy the taste of spring.

Meyer Lemon French 75

A classic drink dating back to over a century ago to the emerging Art Deco period in Paris, the Lemon French 75 is an irresistible combination of freshly squeezed lemon juice, Champagne, gin, and sugar. Whisk the lemon juice and sugar together until delightfully frothy and pour the mixture into a classic martini shaker with some ice. Add the gin and shake well until thoroughly blended, and gently pour into a chilled Champagne or martini glass and top with Champagne. This classy cocktail belongs in the hands of those enjoying a leisurely game of croquet on an expanse of velvety-green lawn, but it also works as an end-of-day reward after you’ve put in your time at the office or at school.

Lillet Rose

Another spring cocktail with an appearance and taste as lovely as its name, Lillet Rose is made from Lillet, a fortified wine made from Muscatel and Sauvignon Blanc, gin, and grapefruit juice. Simply blend the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until the mixture is well-blended. For a dramatically elegant effect, pour them into long-stemmed cocktail glasses with slightly fluted tops.

If you’re looking for an amazing kitchen to prepare all these drinks in, give The Flat a call! We’re more than happy to show you around.


4 Must-See Celebrations During St. Patrick’s Day in Los Angeles

ShamrockWhen March 17 comes around, you’re likely to be one of two shades of green: green with St. Patrick’s Day cheer or green with envy. Don’t be the latter. Instead, venture out from your downtown Los Angeles apartment and take part in one of the cities many festive events. For some suggestions, consider the following.

1. Casey’s St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival

Gander at any comprehensive list of the day’s best events and you’ll certainly find Casey’s St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival on nearly all of them, and with good reason. This festival, hosted by Casey’s Irish Pub for the past several decades, invites attendees to enjoy music from local DJs, holiday-themed games and tons of delicious food from both Casey’s and the nearby Pellicola Pizza.

2. Lucky Strike Bowling Alley

Grab your nearest four-leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day, head to Lucky Strike Bowling Alley and hope you get what its name suggests: a lucky strike. All of the bowling alley and restaurant chain locations are best enjoyed that day with a bite of its iconic Irish Burger, which features grilled onions, Tillamook white cheddar, Guinness BBQ sauce and so much more.

3. 5K at Redondo Beach

Those looking to burn a few calories before digging into Irish cuisine later in the day should check out the annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K in Redondo Beach. Everyone who signs up to walk or run the course (which starts at intersection of Elena and Catalina avenues) will receive a complimentary St. Patrick’s Day-themed t-shirt. It’s one of the day’s many more family-friendly ways to spend the holiday.

4. Celebration at the Original Farmers Market

Another shade of green to celebrate on St. Patrick’s day is the natural kind: healthy, hearty vegetables and produce. The Original Farmers Market’s annual celebration will feature musicians (including a wandering bagpipe performer), Magee’s Kitchen’s famous corned beef and cabbage and plenty of green beer.

For More Information

To even further improve your odds at having a great St. Patrick’s Day, feel free to reach out to us and ask for our advice. We’re familiar with the area and all its must-see venues and would be happy to hear your inquiries.


LA Dog Parks Your Pup Will Love!

DogWhile those visiting LA may think residents here are all about health food, hot night spots and plastic surgery —the truth is everyone is animal obsessed! If you spend your free time hanging out with your furry friends, then you need to get out and enjoy some of that LA sunshine together at one of the city’s many dog parks. Whether your pup needs some exercise or you want to socialize with other dog owners, there is a perfect dog park to fit all of your needs in the City of Angels.

3 LA Dog Parks That You and Fido Will Love

1. Lake Hollywood Dog Park

This is the number one dog park in LA for many reasons but you’ll definitely favor a trip here over other nearby parks because there is plenty of parking available, no mater the hour! The ice cream truck, views of the Hollywood sign and other dog lovers don’t hurt either. Your dog will love it here because there is a ton of lush green grass to get rowdy on and lots of other furry friends to hang out with.

2. Griffith Park Dog Park

Want to relax with your pup in a low-key dog park with less crowds? If you’re into the idea of a more hidden spot with one of Batman’s original batcaves nearby, you’ll love the shady trees and chill dogs here. This dog park is on the smaller side and has limited seating but it’s ideal for Fido to run around and have a ball.

3. Barrington Dog Park

Located in Brentwood, this dog park has plenty of space, lots of shady spots and a decent amount of grass for your pup to enjoy. There’s also a designated area for smaller dogs and it’s next to a soccer field, which may inspire your dog to get in on an exciting game of fetch!

Make More Time for Your Pup with a Trip to the Dog Park

Life is just a little but better in Los Angeles when you’ve got a furry friend by your side. That’s why we love dog’s at our pet-friendly apartments. For more information on the other great amenities available at our luxury apartments in Los Angeles, visit The Flat online today.

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